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Unbox is launching the “Open Minds” project, whose goal is nothing less than restarting the stuck wheels of growth. 

“Open Minds”, managed by the Unbox team, calls experienced entrepreneurs and mentors to turn scientific knowledge and discoveries into future deep-tech ventures, based on mature inventions that are waiting to break out of the campus gates for global impact. 



Prof. Rachela Popovtzer

Chen Tzror-Azankot

The problem

NanoSweets develops innovative technology for targeted radiotherapy for cancer treatment. Radiation therapy (RT) is one of the most prominent and effective treatment for various types of cancer. However, RT comes with inherent limitations. First, in most cases it can only treat the primary tumor, and not distant metastasis. Second, its implementation is highly complicated, relying on specialized experts and extremely expensive equipment and facilities. NanoSweets aims to overcome these limitations, by developing a nano-based technology for systemic delivery of radiation therapy, which can specifically target both tumors and metastases by utilizing the unique characteristics of tumors and tumor vasculature.

The invention

The technology is based on biocompatible nanoparticles designed for the systemic administration of radiation therapy. These nanoparticles enable the attachment of different radionuclides to their surface and undergo modifications to actively target cancerous tissues and have a patented structure (US Patent Application No. 17/051,687)

If you are an experienced entrepreneur willing to establish a knowledge-based venture, click to discover the researchers in our catalog and mark the topics you relate to. Mature researcher-entrepreneur teams would be reviewed by the Unbox investment committee according to our funding model,  and will receive unprecedented terms, including a seed investment, sweeping IP release and professional guidance.

For questions, please contact: Dr. Rotem Efrony

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