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Unbox is launching the “Open Minds” project, whose goal is nothing less than restarting the stuck wheels of growth. 

“Open Minds”, managed by the Unbox team, calls experienced entrepreneurs and mentors to turn scientific knowledge and discoveries into future deep-tech ventures, based on mature inventions that are waiting to break out of the campus gates for global impact. 



Prof. David Zitoun

Dr. Kobby Saadi

Moshe Johary, Business adviser

The problem

The climate crisis raised the interest in the integration of renewable energy sources, mainly solar fields, and wind turbines, as an alternative for the high polluted fossil fuels. The inherent instability of those sources turns the energy storage issues critical for effective usage. The exist Li-ion technology present limited and costly solution which prevent the completion of transition to environment-friendly sources. Storage solution will become mandatory demand for every large-scale energy producer. Every cost-effective and long-term solution will easily integrate into the energy supply chain and support the energy revolution.

The invention

Redox Flow battery (RFB) is an electrochemical energy converter which can store energy from renewable sources and supply it on demand. It uses abundant materials and decouple the dependence between power and energy, unlike alternative systems. RFB based storage system can provide an effective long term solution for long duration energy storage.

If you are an experienced entrepreneur willing to establish a knowledge-based venture, click to discover the researchers in our catalog and mark the topics you relate to. Mature researcher-entrepreneur teams would be reviewed by the Unbox investment committee according to our funding model,  and will receive unprecedented terms, including a seed investment, sweeping IP release and professional guidance.

For questions, please contact: Dr. Rotem Efrony

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