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Unbox is launching the “Open Minds” project, whose goal is nothing less than restarting the stuck wheels of growth. 

“Open Minds”, managed by the Unbox team, calls experienced entrepreneurs and mentors to turn scientific knowledge and discoveries into future deep-tech ventures, based on mature inventions that are waiting to break out of the campus gates for global impact. 



Prof. Sol Efroni

Dr. Alona Zilberberg

Dr. Hagit Philip

The problem

Years of research at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University show the efficacy of the T-cell Repertoire as biomarker. We use these repertoire data and proprietary machine learning algorithms to, very effectively, detect cancer. We are now ready to develop diagnostic kits to detect cancer at an early stage.

Available methods for early detection are insufficient and do not provide the needed accuracy. Unlike current technologies, the immune system is able to detect these changes long before they present any clinical manifestation.
Clonal aims to deliver a reliable bio-marker map that would do just that.

The invention

The TCR repertoire provides a per-patient unique immune code, which reflects, in real-time, the immune system’s response to stimuli. 

The TCR repertoire is composed of millions “clones” that make up each person’s individual code. We have translated these data into health status.

Few Patents are in PCT stage.

If you are an experienced entrepreneur willing to establish a knowledge-based venture, click to discover the researchers in our catalog and mark the topics you relate to. Mature researcher-entrepreneur teams would be reviewed by the Unbox investment committee according to our funding model,  and will receive unprecedented terms, including a seed investment, sweeping IP release and professional guidance.

For questions, please contact: Dr. Rotem Efrony

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